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"NEW" Info!

We've been meeting for the last year at The Alibi Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge - 744 9th Street on The Plaza in Arcata on Wednesday nights from about 7-9pm. We also now have a group on where we can plan gatherings, talk about local fiber events, etc: Purl 'n Hurl on Ravelry.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Dec. 4 Recap

1. Elena, 2. Violet, 3. Monica, 4. Kellen & Violet, 5. Elena, 6. Grin, 7. Kellen, 8. Caroline, 9. Caroline, 10. Jen, 11. Elena, 12. Caroline, 13. Elena, 14. Elena, 15. Jen & Sam, 16. Untitled, 17. Caroline, 18. Marianne, 19. Monica & Elena, 20. Kristy, 21. More packages, 22. Elena, 23. Knitting, 24. Kristy, 25. Kellen, 26. Bea, 27. Violet & Cindy, 28. Prizers!, 29. Jen, Marianne, Kristy, 30. Bea, 31. Monica, 32. The group, 33. Monica, 34. What's in there?, 35. Cute!, 36. Kristy

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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Join Us for the 3rd Annual CHRISTMAYULESTIVUSOLSTIKWANZUKKAH Holiday Gift Exchange

OK all, you’ve cast your votes, and it looks like we have a date for this year’s CHRISTMAYULESTIVUSOLSTIKWANZUKKAH Holiday Yarn Exchange: DECEMBER 4! (That date received the fewest ‘no’ votes + the most ‘yes’ votes from our members on Ravelry.)

We will structure the swap like we have in the past. Here are the guidelines:

Each person attending should bring a gift-wrapped NEW yarn gift valued at $15-20 (enough to cover a high quality, natural fiber yarn but not be so expensive as to discourage people from participating – NOT a white elephant exchange of something you don’t like and want to unload). Like last year, it is OK to ‘shop’ from your stash; needles/patterns/notions are also acceptable. The rule-of-thumb we developed last year is: try to make your gift enough of something fiber-y that: a) you would like to receive yourself; and b) is enough for a small project, like a hat or gloves. You should be able to get something nice for the suggested amount (we’ve used the cost of 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon or Malabrigo Worsted as our price-point, because we know you can make a hat using only 2 skeins of those yarns; but don’t let that limit you - use your imagination!)

At the Gift Exchange, we will do a ‘blind’ swap where each person draws a number and then in numerical order we each will choose either a wrapped gift from the pile or ‘steal’ one that has been opened already; in the case of the latter, the ‘stealee’ then gets to re-choose (again, either from the pile or from someone that has already chosen). It is lots of fun, and sometimes there is a flurry of ‘re-gifting’.

Please leave your RSVP here or send me an email ( velma (underscore) occam (at) yahoo (dot) com) so I can let Mazzotti’s know how big a table we need; last year we had our biggest turnout of the year for the Gift Exchange!

I hope to see everyone there, even some PnH ‘lurkers’. ;) Here’s wishing everyone a Happy CHRISTMAYULESTIVUSOLSTIKWANZUKKAH Season!!


Nov. 27 Update

First thing to note about our Nov. 27 gathering is that it happened on Nov. 26! ;) Since the 27th was Thanksgiving, most decided that was out, but a few people got together the night before for some knittin' and chattin'. Not too many details, as I wasn't among the PnHers in attendance, but I heard that Edie, Bea, Lena, and Jen enjoyed the jazz and a good meal while newborn Samantha slept. Good times!

A foray to Everett's on Turkey Day itself was planned by Bea, the other Jen, and Velma, but that fell through. Edie ate huckleberry pie while Velma had her knit/drink experience at home. Word on the street is that much turkey was consumed all around (except Elena; what did you have?).

More next week... It will be our annual CHRISTMAYULESTIVUSOLSTIKWANZUKKAH Holiday Yarn Exchange! Hope to see you there...

Friday, November 21, 2008


Nov. 20 Recap

Back to our regularly scheduled updates! Last night was a fun group of five: regular attendees Bea, Elena, and Velma, plus a surprise visit from Jennifer who can't make it often due to her work schedule, and new member Kristy. New blood meant lots of good conversation and good times, as evidenced by these photos.

Elena played show-and-tell with her almost-complete Autumn Wrap-Up, which she got to the blocking stage last night by finishing the last few sleeve stitches. She's using the Indigo Playmate pattern from Custom Knits and yarn from Beaverslide Dry Goods to make the shawl-collar cardi. It is gonna be one warm sweater when she's done, and I for one can't wait to see it modeled. These pictures show her working on it last night, and if you are a Ravelry member, you can read more about it on her projects page.

Jennifer, who was showing off something of her own: her blinged-out new cell phone, complete with rhinestone-encrusted cover. The easily-impressed Velma oohed and ahhed appropriately, as did everyone else.

She worked on 2 different projects over the course of the evening; she started out with a fair isle kid cap with icy flames for her nephew, but when she hit a snag in her pattern transcription, switched to the Trinity Stitch Hat in a scrumptious handpainted bulky merino yarn (that's what she's working on in this photo). If you are on, check out her projects page for all the details.

Bea decided to leave the sweater she's working on for NaKniSweMo home (too complicated for knitting-under-the-influence, she said), and instead brought her Bobbled Tam. From the new Holiday 2008 issue of Vogue Knitting, this texture-ific stitch pattern looks like a fun challenge to knit. Velma thinks it looks like it's covered in wee nipples, but she was the only one.

Here's a little known Bea fun-fact: her favorite curse word is 'poo dar'. Who knew?

For more about Bea and her projects, Ravelers can check out Bea's project page.

Velma also left her NaKniSweMo sweater at home, with the excuse that it is too bulky to drag along, but in actuality avoiding picking up stitches at the bottom of the pocket of the Rogue Hoodie she chose to make. Instead, she brought her Stoner Socks, her first pair of Jaywalkers that she loves so much she almost peed herself a little talking about them. She is very enamoured with the screamingly loud pink and yellow zig-zag stripes they exhibit. Details available for Ravelers on her projects page.

Our newest member, Kristy, got short-shrift on the photo front, but had lots to share. She was working on a knit toy for her daughter, although she hadn't decided yet if it will be a bear or a bunny. (Velma wants some weird bear-bunny creature, but that idea didn't get much play.) Although there aren't a lot of details yet, be sure to stay tuned to hear more about Kristy's new venture, Hands on CRAFT, her crafting space in the Hilliard Building in Arcata. Her plan is to offer workshops, materials for sale, and a venue for Humboldt crafters to hang out and practice 'manual arts' like knitting, crochet, spinning, dyeing, and letter-press. Should be lots of fun when it opens, and you can say you heard about it here first. Welcome to the group, Kristy! Hope to see more of you and your crafty-goodness.

One conversation last night was about the field trip to Eureka planned by Bea, V, and Elena. On the itinerary: both of Eureka's newest yarn stores, Yarn & the Northcoast Knittery. Maybe there'll even be reviews here in the upcoming days...

In the meantime, it's that time of year again: CHRISTMAYULESTIVUSOLSTIKWANZUKKAH Yarn Gift Exchange. We have 3 options for the Exchange this year: Dec. 4, 11, or 18. If you have a preference on which date we choose, vote on Ravelry in the Purl 'n Hurl group, or leave a comment here. Then check back for an announcement and more information.

And, as always, there are more photos (viewable by all) in our Purl 'n Hurl photoset on Flickr. Go check 'em out. Hope to see you at our next gathering (which may or may not be next week, on Thanksgiving. Will post here soon about whether or not we'll be meeting.)


Monday, November 17, 2008


Whew! It's Been Awhile!!

OK, so I'm not the most regular poster. But last night in my inbox I found something that motivated me to get back on board with Purl 'n Hurl updates: a message from the admin announcing the new and (much) improved Stitch 'n Bitch website! (They even have a forum now, too.)

Now, entries for regional Stitch 'n Bitch chapters, like Purl 'n Hurl, can update their own listings. When I learned this, I immediately toddled off to fix the errors in ours that had been bugging me for the last year, plus change our meeting day. So we now have a brand-spankin'-new, updated, and most importantly accurate entry for Purl 'n Hurl in the master SnB database! Two, actually, because I listed us under both Arcata and Humboldt (although both listings are identical).

While editing our listings, I took the opportunity to delete the link to our very defunct Yahoo! group of the same name. When I get the once-every-four-months-or-so request to join that group of one (me), I just point them to this blog and our Ravelry group anyway, so saw no reason to keep it.

So, with our fresh, new online presence, and our NEW meeting day of THURSDAYS, I thought it the perfect time to re-establish regular blog updates. I edited the side-bar here to more accurately reflect our details, including adding a couple more member blogs and local yarn shopping opportunities, too. My goal is to return to regular weekly updates, plus member profiles.

Hopefully, these changes will excite more of our 'lurkers' to come out and join us for a fiber-filled and conversation-rich evening soon! Stay tuned for more...

'Til then, here are 2 pics from a recent gathering (that's Bea on the right and Violet on the left.

Bea Violet

See you Thursday!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


May 14 Recap

Check out the pics HERE, 'cuz I ran out of energy to do a mosaic. Enjoy!

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May 8 Recap

I'll try to get back in the swing of things 'round here!

We've been meeting regularly again since about, what, October '07? All Ravelry members, this time around.

This week, we had 12 knitters, a hooker, and a husband. Thanks, Eli, for letting me rope you into playing photographer! These are some pictures from last night.

1. Happy Photog, 2. Lookit Us!, 3. The Band, 4. Bea & V, 5. Gaye & Des, 6. Suzy WIP KIP, 7. Elena WIP KIP, 8. Bea WIP KIP, 9. Velma WIP KIP, 10. April WIP KIP, 11. Kellen WIP CIP, 12. Happy Knitters, 13. Happy Knitters, 14. Purl 'n Hurl

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Come join us soon! Oh, and a few of us are also meeting on Saturdays at the Farmers Market on the Arcata Plaza, on the southeast corner, facing the band, from about 11am to 1:00ish. We even bring spinning wheels! All are welcome.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Nov. 14 Recap

OK, let's get this out right at the start: I'm a big dork. I suppose most of you already knew that, but I'm all for full disclosure, so, just in case... I forgot to take any pictures this week, so there's no Kodak moments in this recap. My bad.

We did have a good little group, though, including 2 brand-spankin' new PnHers, Erica & Nicole. Both are grad students in math (modeling? I think?) at HSU, so we know they're brainiacs. ;) Erica is a knitter, and Nicole is a hooker (what I mean to say is, she likes to crochet). She, Nicole, was working on a beanie, and Erica was making socks for her boyfriend, who still resides in Idaho from whence she came, using Plymouth Sockotta.

Lots of socks this week; Eileen was about 2/3 of the way through a Christmas stocking for daughter Sophie to match the already completed one she made for her husband, Audi. Both are made from kits. She also brought completed socks for herself in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in the Rockin' Sock Club-exclusive 'Flower Power' colorway, made using a pattern from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks book. Velma also had socks with her, for her fiancee (what, you didn't hear? Velma's engaged!) in Noro Kureyon #147, from the 2007 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar. One down, and only about 1/3 to go. You can see a photo of the finished sock being modeled by said sweetie HERE.

Kat was there, and she's still plugging away on her lovely, lacy pink scarf. Bea had her Miller sweater from Rowan Yorkshire Fable in a lovely pistachio green shade of Rowanspun DK.

Good times were had by all, despite the small turnout and the lack of photos. And plans were made for Nov. 21, which coincidentally is also Eileen's BIRTHDAY!! Please come out the day before Thanksgiving and wish her a happy natal day (there might even be cake) and help plan the holiday yarn exchange. Because Mazzotti's is expecting a larger than normal crowd that night, we need to give them a head-count on Tuesday, so please RSVP to Velma this week. (you can email velma a t colorbombcreations d o t com -- you know the drill on taking out spaces and subbing the appropriate symbols. Damn the bots!) See you there!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Nov. 7 Recap

Meant to do this last weekend, but, well, the "better late than never" saw should apply. We had 9 souls at PnH at the new venue, Mazzotti's Italian Restaurant in Arcata. Mazzotti's worked out waaaay better than Plaza Grill ever did, so we are thrilled to have found a new 'home'. More light, less noise, a lovely jazz band for ambience, TABLE SERVICE, and -- get this -- no arguements with bartenders! Squee!! So we're making Mazzotti's the new Official Purl 'n Hurl venue. That's us there in the pic.

April (apurl for those on Ravelry) was once again working on her Simple Knitted Bodice. Eileen (eileenover on Ravelry) had her 2nd Christmas stocking with her, this one for hubby Audi. Sadly, Velma (who goes by velmalikevelvet on Ravelry and was working on the Noro Socks she's making for fiancee Cole) was delinquent in her duties, and has NO IDEA what anyone else was working on.

But she can report that there was another new Purl 'n Hurler present, Jen (aka razz116 on Ravelry), who was kind enough to bring a bag of yarn and fabric scraps for Velma's COLORBOMB Creations line of (S)craptastic Handspun yarn. That's Jen in the second photo. (That may or may not be a baby hat WIP; it's coming back to me slowly). And Velma had a skein of (S)craptastic with her for show-and-tell, called 'Pink Poodle'.

Who else was there? Jodie, and Pauly (pauly81 for Ravelry), and Kathy (sans knitting), and Grace, and of course Bea (beapea7 on Ravelry).

As always, more photos on Flickr. Check 'em out, and see you on the 14th!

(PS - Ravelry links won't work for non-Ravelers until Ravelry is out of Beta. Sorry.)

Monday, November 12, 2007


It's Been a Year, But We're Still Here!

So I'm not the timliest of bloggers, I get that. But despite my lack of posts, we're still here and we're still Purling and we're still Hurling. So, an update:

-- We've changed our meeting day to WEDNESDAYs
-- We've changed our meeting venue to MAZZOTTI's
-- We haven't changed our raison d' etre: get yer drink on!

Lots of fun stuff planned for the coming weeks, including a birthday celebration for co-founder Eileen Weppner on Nov. 21 and a holiday yarn swap, our 2nd annual, on a date yet to be determined. So come out and join us for craft, conversation, and cocktails!

PS - If you are on Ravelry (and if you're not, you really should be) we have a group there, Purl 'n Hurl Humboldt. Join in the fun there too!

Friday, December 08, 2006


Dec. 7 Recap

All caught up on previous recaps, here's a quickie from last night! Although we were only 3, Bea and E and V, we had a blast. Plaza Grill was packed, but we had our fave waiter Mike and the margaritas flowed. Bea is about 3/4ths done with her Stocking Cap, shown here. Eileen, barely visible in the second photo, worked on the lace scarf some more, and a Noro hat destined to be a Secret Santa gift. And Velma is plugging away at a seed-stitch scarf in Manos del Uruguay that will be donated to the Red Scarf Project in January.

(Do I have your attention? Good.)

Next week, at the Dec. 14 Purl 'n Hurl gathering, we will be doing a CHRISTMAYULESTIVUSOLSTIKWANZUKKAH Yarn Gift Exchange. Whatever your personally preferred winter celebration (I *think* I covered 'em all, there), please join us at Plaza Grill in Arcata next Thursday between 6:30 and 9pm. Bring a wrapped gift of yarn (valued at $15-20, please; no acrylic white elephants). Cocktails start at 6:30, and at 7:00 we will draw numbers; at 7:15 we will do a round-robin style swap and see who goes home with what. Hope to see everyone there for a Purl 'n Hurl-style holiday party!!

Friday, December 01, 2006


Nov. 30 Recap

Our group was smaller this week (maybe the holidays are taking their toll?), but we had fun. Jenny modeled her almost-finished sweater in Noro. Eileen, who can't find the last skein of black alpaca to finish her mom's scarf, worked on a sock. Velma, who is MIA in the photo, continued her seed stitch scarf in Manos for the Red Scarf Project. Bea is making the Stocking Cap from Interweave Knits, and was modeling a sweater she made. Although there's no photodocumentation, Cheri was there, too, show=and-telling her Secret Santa project: she finished Christmas stockings for Tom and Susan, and is going to make one a tiny one for their wee fetus! And non-knitter Todd stopped by with Jo for a visit on their way to the KHUM holiday party.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Nov. 23

Happy Thanksgiving, PnHers!!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Nov. 16 Recap

H-U-G-E. That's the word for the mid-November Purl 'n Hurl gathering. Huge! Natalie was there, showing off her Fat Albert Hat and working on a felted bowl. Eileen worked on the black lace scarf in alpaca that she's making for her mom for Christmas (shhh!). Bea, her sweater from last week almost done, worked on i-cord for the ties and brought a Dutch magazine that her grandmother sent her; the models in it even have (gasp!) wrinkles! Jenny continued work on her Noro sweater, and Heather is still plugging away on her 3-year scarf. Jay dropped by for a visit, but still didn't have his knitting with him because he needs to wash the mildew out of it. Velma worked on a felted cloche. And Kat was there, announcing the impending her and Steve's impending return to Humboldt.

(click to view individual photos on flickr)

1. Bea, 2. Crazy Nat, 3. Jay, 4. Stripes!, 5. Velma Emotes Whilst Bea Knits On, 6. Jenny, 7. Eileen, 8. Bright Lights, Big Velma, 9. Heather, 10. Jenny & Heather, 11. Natalie as Dumb Donald, 12. What Purl 'n Hurl is Really About

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Nov. 9 Recap

Sorry for the late (really late) recap, folks. Been a busy week. But we sure did have a good time last week, crappy bartenders notwithstanding.

We had a big group, and took up 5 tables pushed together. We even had visitors! Joel & Jo stopped by on their way to a hottub at Cafe Mokka; that's Joel and Velma in the photo. Too bad he doesn't knit, as we're lookin' for more dudes (who isn't, huh?). But where did Jo go?

Andrea's back for the first time this year. Usually a crocheter, she picked up the sticks again, and was delighted to learn that she remembered how to knit! She's working on a scarf, and we hope to see her back again soon. She said she might even be able to drag along her sister Leah, who also knits.

And speaking of Velma, she was showing off a skein of her new handspun, 'Happy Hour,' as well as the felt bowls she made last week. She was working on yet another hat, and when asked if that was water she was drinking, replied: "Hell no! That's a G&T!" (That might be the edited version of her reply; she was drinking, after all.)

Caroline was there, and she brought along her friend Carin, too. Carin's quiet ways must have had an effect on Bea, seen here looking like she's meditating on Carin's Manos del Uruguay hat WIP. Caroline (out of frame) was busy concentrating on binding off the scarf she worked on last week, and brought the only 'class' to the evening: she had the book Classy Knitting by Fern Geller Cone with her for show and tell. Bea brought her second completed Odessa Hat (which she modeled), and continued to work on this sweater.

Jenny, seen here, is working on a sweater, too. Looks like she's just started. Tamara is working on another scarf, and brought her friend Mirjam, another crocheter. Cheri, Eileen, and Melissa were there too, but Velma never made it down to that end of the table to see what they were up to. (She heard later that it was Fiber Trends Felted Clogs, a black angora cabled scarf, and a crocheted scarf, respectively). They did manage, however, to weigh in on the Lying Swatch Syndrome discussion, and the Who's-the-manliest-of-all (based on how many porn videos you own) conversation.

It seems that everyone had a grand old time. There are lots more pictures in our flickr set. So even though it's a last minute invite, we hope to see everyone there again tonight.

Happy Knitting! And crocheting!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Nov. 2 Recap

We were eight last night, veterans all. And there must have been some drinkin' goin' on, because somehow, most of the pictures are, well, slurred around the edges, know what I mean? Or are the subjects themselves fuzzy? Guess you'll have to join us next time to find out for yourself.

Lots of finished objects and almost-FOs at show-and-tell last night. Natalie had her felted earflap hat, ready for adornment and assembly (photo here). Cheri is making a dress from The Yarn Girls' Guide to Kids Knits (the one on the cover), in S. Charles Victoria and Crystal Palace Fizz for her friends' daughter, and it's ready to be seamed (photo here). Velma brought along her completed Hallowig, pattern from Knitty, and Super-Waiter Mike modeled it for us (photo here). Caroline had 2 of her own baby sweaters with her, one made by each of her grandmothers (photo here). And Jenny, who we hadn't seen since last season, brought her almost-finished Stitch 'n Bitch bikini, ooh-la-la! Bea finished another beaded hat, but forgot to bring it; we're hoping for next week. And Caroline bound off the scarf she was making for her mom.

Only got one actual shot of knitting in public; that's Natalie in the photo, btw. She's working on a lace "square" (no, really, that's what she said; "Not a shawl, a square. I'll figure out what it is later."). It's based on Kay MacLaury's Cables & Lace Afghan Project.

Other works-in-progress included Eileen's Noro sweater and her lace scarf (photo here), Sherie's freeform shawl in Manos del Uruguay, Bea's Greek Pullover from the Fall 2005 issue of Interweave Knits in Rowan Kid Classic, Jenny's Knit.1 Spring/Summer '05 cover sweater, and Velma's felted bowls from OneSkein, in Lamb's Pride Bulky.

Next week both the Stitch 'n Bitch (Tue.) and Midnight Free-for-all (Fri.) happen at our LYS, Handmade Memories. Plus, all month long if you bring in a friend who has never visited before you'll receive 10% off your purchase. What a deal! So, go find a friend, head up and buy yourself some yarn, and come join us next Thursday at Plaza Grill. We'd love to see what you're working on. Happy Knitting!

Friday, October 27, 2006


Oct. 26 Recap

What a turnout we had last night! There were 7 of us in attendance last night, and the drinks flowed freely. Here's a shot of Bea helping her friend Caroline, a new PnH'er.

Not sure what Caroline was working on (it's possible that I'd had a few cocktails before I got around to that end of the table), but Bea had both a completed version in navy of the Odessa Beaded Hat by Grumperina on Magknits from last week, and a newly cast on version in Rowan Tapestry. Both are beautiful, with a lovely spiral decrease pattern on the crowns.

Lots of crocheting was going on, too. Judy, another new participant invited by super-server Verena, was working on the beautiful crochet Flower Poncho pattern by Nancy Brown for the Crochet Guild of America shown here. Velma was flabergasted that anyone could work such a large piece using sock yarn without going insane clown posse on everyone.

Judy came with other talents, too. She and Velma had a long discussion about preparing, dyeing, and spinning silk. Judy promised to bring Velma some of her fiber books from her library next week, making Velma positively vibrate with excitement at the prospect.

When Velma let her talk to other people, Judy headed over to Melissa's side of the table, where more fast-and-furious crocheting action was going on. Melissa is using Knit Picks yarn (looks like Velma's notetaking was spotty this week, as there's no record of which yarn), to crochet a scarf. That's the two of them with their heads together over the pattern book, 101 Crochet Stitches for Afghans. That's an afghan-as-in-blanket; she's not actually crocheting a dude from Afghanistan or anything.

Who else was there? Eileen, working on her Noro Turtleneck, which is looking fuzzy and beautiful. And Velma, obviously, working on yet another hat, this one a watchcap in Manos del Uruguay. There's been enough pictures of them for awhile, so if you want to see them, you'll have to check out the Purl 'n Hurl photoset.

Last but certainly not least, Jay finally graced us with his presence! Our token dude-knitter, although we welcome more, he didn't have any actual knitting with him but, as always, he entertained. That margarita in his hand may have something to do with his entertainment value. Welcome back, Jay!

Hope everyone has a wonderful pre-Halloween weekend, and we'd love to see you at next week's Purl 'n Hurl, which will be Thursday, November 2, 6:30pm at Plaza Grill in Arcata. Happy Knitting!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Oct. 19 Recap

Better late than never is today's motto. The computer's been in the shop, so couldn't post about the 19th 'til today. Since it's just about time for another update, I'll make this a quickie (everyone loves a quickie).

We had a good turnout, with regulars Tamara, Cheri, Eileen, Bea, and Velma, plus new attendee Sherie and a drop-in visit from Natalie. Mostly folks were plugging away on previously-blogged about WIPs, with lots of progress by all.

Here's Eileen giving Velma stinkeye for interrupting her concentration while re-reading her pattern (left). Velma's excuse is that she can't help herself; Eileen is so sexy in those specs!

And Sherie was quite clever (right, on right); although you can't see it in this photo of her and Bea (photography isn't Velma's strongest suit), she is actually knitting back-and-forth on DPNs because she didn't have any straights in the right size handy. Way to improvise!

That's it for now. There are a couple more gratuitous Knitting in Public shots on Flickr HERE. If you read this in time, hope to see you tonight at Plaza Grill for more.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Oct. 12 Recap

HIYA, peeps! Check out the fiber madness last night at Plaza Grill! You can see by the photo evidence that at the very least, Cheri had a great time! We always knew she had balls, but what we didn't know is that they are made of yarn. Guess this is her way of keeping wayward materials from rolling under the table. This is definitely my favorite shot of the night!

Cheri continued to work on her Rollneck Raglan in Noro Silk Garden, from the Debbie Bliss Noro Collection book. She's a little worried that the body is too short, and her frustration (+ a coupla cosmos) sent her to work on another hat.

Did you notice her cool knitting-themed T-shirt? Me too! The photo is fuzzy, so I can't read it, and can't remember what it says (I may have had a coupla cosmos, too), but I'll call her and ask and try to post a link to purchase one. While trying to find one online, I came across these other knitting tees that you might like.

Bea shows off her FO Dready Hat and Tamara works on her Poodle Scarf. Conversation was centered in large part around wedding plans last night, as both Bea and Tam are engaged (although, not to each other). Tamara and Michael are to wed Oct. 2007, but Bea and Eli have yet to set a date (heavy negotiations are unerway). Bea is also working on an Odessa Beaded Hat by Grumperina,via MagKnits.

After much photographer needling, Eileen smiles while she works on her Turtleneck in Noro Transitions which she is convinced is wide enough to cover two PnH'ers. Heather rolls up her 3-Year Scarf as she prepares to head home.

Velma completely forgot to get any photos of her, her knitting, or her show-and-tell items. Dork! She finished the scarf she worked on last week, and was working on a new project: a Monster Hat from Insubordiknit. She brought along the new Vogue Knitting and her newest handspun, Bug Balls, a Halloween-themed artyarn (her first) made from the raw materials sent to her by YarnWench as part of the Buggin' Out fiber swap organized by YarnPunk. Velma wrote about the process here and here if you are so bored you don't know what to do with yourself.

Happy Friday the 13th! 'Til next week, Happy Knitting!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Oct. 5 Recap

Last night was a quickie, because with only one exception, everyone in attendance had somewhere to be at 7:30. So most of us decided to forego dinner and stuck solely to cocktails, which suits us just fine, thankyouverymuch. Eileen was kind enough to grace us with her presence, despite the fact that it was her 4th wedding anniversary. Since she and hubby-bubby Audi were headed to La Trattoria for dinner, the restaurant owned by our friends Patricia and Jim, we got the special treat of Audi in our midst. This is him graciously modeling wifey's Branching Out scarf, completely complete except for blocking. Eileen is considering blocking it using the Fiber Fantasy Blocking Wire Kit suggested by Velma (scroll down). Knit Picks also offers their own Lace Blocking Wires, and for the DIYers out there, they offer this tutorial on using them; you might be able to fashion your own using this as a guide. In the meantime, I hear Audi is available to model your lacework. (P.S. Happy Anniversary, you two).

Meanwhile, we had a new addition to the group. Let me introduce: Bea, who is a fish biologist for Cal Fish & Wildlife in Fortuna. She's working on a baby beanie from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. Joelle is the owner of Velma's favorite online yarn store, Purl, which recently added Purl Patchwork, a quilting/sewing collection to their yarn offerings. They also have an online journal, The Purl Bee, a place where both knitters and sewers alike can find inspiration. Check out their tutorials (e.g. Elizabeth Zimmerman's I-cord and Sawtooth Star Quilting) and patterns (e.g. Knit Bamboo Nightdress and Carolina Quilt). A little something for the absent Cheri, who was missed. A big welcome to Bea, who suggested a PnH field trip to the Knit Night at Handmade Memories tomorrow; Eileen and Velma will be joining her there, you should too!

Speaking of Velma, here she is working on yet another new project (she's such an addict), this one a scarf made of this handspun yarn purchased from Jenny Neutron Star. She's sporting a hat she made from Midnight and Lulu handspun last year. She also brought along an almost-FO, the watchcap she started last week for her friend Jeff, in Manos del Uruguay. Velma is all excited to go to the Natural Fiber Fair in Redway this weekend; anyone want to go? There will be workshops (natural dyeing, needle felting, drafting/knitting from silk cocoons, etc.), demonstrations (all-day spinning demos, netmaking, fiber-blending, etc.), and fiber vendors. Admission is only 5 bones, so no excuses not to go. Runs Saturday and Sunday from 10-5.

Tamara and Sacha were there last night too, but neither brought a project to work on (shame on you!); it was still good to see them.

As always, there are more pictures to be seen here, and we all hope to see you at next week's gathering. Happy Knitting!

Friday, September 29, 2006


Sep. 28 Recap

Hello! Our weekly knit-in was so busy last night, I don't know where to begin! We had six participants, which is a big increase; I think that the chilly fall weather that has been setting in here on the north coast is encouraging folks to drag out their UFOs.

But who is this handsome devil? Only the best waiter at Plaza Grill! He was sweet enough to model Eileen's just completed hat for her hubby, Audi. That's a close-up of the hat below, next to her margarita - how did you think she got through the evening? Knit in Noro Iro from the Hot Head pattern in Stitch 'n Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook.

After she finished the hat, Eileen pulled out her scarf, which is coming along nicely, don't you think? That's her in the photo on the right, showing it off for the camera. It's knit in heathery green Elsebeth Lavold silky wool, and it's the Branching Out pattern from Knitty. Eileen says she's loving lace knitting; that started a conversation about first knitting projects, and she said that way back when she taught an ex-boyfriend to knit, and his 1st project was a sweater! Must have been a natural. Eileen first knit mittens, which also seems pretty ambitious. Velma has a friend, Michael, who just quit smoking and is teaching himself to knit so that he has something to do with his hands; she's not just impressed, but excited to see him next month when he's down from Oregon for a visit. Hopefully, he can join us for that week's knitting-under-the-influence-fest.

Heather's first project is this scarf she's making here; she's been working on it for 3 years now (!), since Purl 'n Hurl started. And she doesn't even drink booze.Like her new haircut? Concensus last night was that it suits her; we love it, Heather! She regaled us with tales from her recent trip to Wyoming with hubby Michael. Since most of us are geo-scientist types (read: nature nerds), her stories all featured rocks prominently. Apparently she is enamored of the geodes and, I quote, "caramel candy rocks" she found there. Heather also brought Velma a silk cocoon that she found on one of her forays into the forest; Velma plans to soak it and see if it can be used in spinning. Right now, it's pretty ugly; looks like something an owl pooped out (sorry, no pic yet).

Speaking of Velma, she brought along yet another new project (can you say "short attention span"?). She's knitting the same Hot Head hat that Eileen finished tonight, but she's using Manos del Uruguay space-dyed
wool in 'moss.' It's a commissioned piece for her friend Jeff. Velma: knitting mogul in training. That's her working on it, doing what she does best: tossing back a martini while knitting. Note the devil earrings, a handmade gift from Tamara from Halloween a few years back.

And Tamara, here shown knitting what appears to be a poodle, is actually working on a beautiful scarf stranded in 3 different black and charcoal eyelash yarns. So silky! Velma wants her to call it the "Three-way Scarf" but Tamara didn't sound all that convinced. Although it never came out what Tamara's first knitting project was, I've never seen her working on anything but scarves. Is it time for a knitter-vention? Come on Tamara, I know you have a hat in you! You can do it, just have another cocktail and you're on your way!

Tamara's newish biology consulting firm is doing well, by all accounts. She was excited to hear that Velma got a comment on her blog from a local fish biologist who is planning on attending Purl 'n Hurl in the near future. Since everyone at the table (with the notable exception of slacker-Velma) is a scientist, the new girl should fit right in.

She's busy with wedding plans, and the conversation turned to wedding woes and in-laws who think it's their wedding. That must be what she and Cheri are laughing about in the next photo; either that, or the suggestion that the peach margaritas Tam and fiancee Michael have been slugging down by the pitcher-full are "health smoothies". What? Peaches are healthy!!

And what of Cheri? Her father, who was in the hospital with problems related to chronic pain issues stemming from some heinous back probs, is back home on the mend, so she was back from her Redding trip. She's making a Debbie Bliss sweater, the Raglan with Cable Detail in Noro Silk Garden from the DB Noro Collection book (scroll down to see the sweater she's making). So many of Cheri's knitting projects are gifts for others, it was good to see her working on something for herself. She also had some show-and-tell: a book so new even Velma hadn't heard of it! Not Tonight Darling, I'm Knitting. Full of knitting history and anecdotes (but not patterns), it was decided that this book would be great for bathroom reading.

Last but certainly not least, Melissa was back as our token crocheter. She's seen here working on a scarf using stitch #88 from 101 Crochet Stitches for Afghans. She and Cheri arrived a little late, because Melissa was finishing a batch of individual cheesecakes for her partner Robin's birthday. Velma was tickled by the image of all those wee springform pans (she's easily amused, don't forget).

So this blog was added to the knitblog webring this week, and we're starting to see visitors from outside our little Humboldt enclave. Welcome to Kare, our first commenter! She had nice things to say about us, which just goes to show she's never met us. For the dog-lovers among us (you know who you are), be sure to check out her blog, Shabby Chic, 'cuz she's got cutie-patootie puppies.

And don't forget to visit our flickr set, with more photos from this gathering. See you next week!

Friday, September 22, 2006


Sep. 21 Recap

Last night saw 4 Purl 'n Hurlers swillin' and knittin', including a new face: that's Tara picking up a dropped row there on her novelty yarn scarf (note the intense concentration, indicated by the emergent tongue used by both drunken crafters and 5-year olds). Welcome, Tara, and congrats on your recent move to McKinleyville!

Tamara came by again this week but was so in need of a cocktail that she ran out of the house without her knitting! She made a great photographer, though; thanks for taking some great pix, T!

Eillen worked some more magic on her lace scarf, saying she is really addicted to the pattern. I see more lacework in her future. But please think good thoughts for her kitty, Boots, who is at the cat hospital with an undiagnosed illness; we're all pulling for you, Boots!

Here's Velma, working on her Hallowig. Boy, that's some big hair, V!

No Cheri this week; her dad is ailing, and she went out to Redding to be with her family. Let's send Cheri and her pop our good wishes, too. Get better, Dad.

Last night was shorter than usual, as Velma was all hot-and-bothered to get home in time for the season premier of Grey's Anatomy. If you haven't already heard about it, there's a GA knitalong if you are interested. 'Til next week, happy knitting!

Friday, September 15, 2006


Sep. 14 Recap

How much fun are we having?? That's Cheri, Eileen, Velma and Sacha last night at Purl 'n Hurl. Sacha stopped by for a visit - congrats to her and her newly-affianced beau Jay! - and everyone was thrilled to see her. Sacha is holding a copy of the Knitty pattern for the Intolerable Cruelty Skirt that Velma has fallen in love with and started a knitalong for, and says she is volunteering to be the "Official Purl 'n Hurl Ball Winder," so bring your yarn next week 'cuz Sacha is rarin' to go!

Cheri was working on this Gumdrop Baby Hat from Lamb's Ear Designs in SWTC Soysilk. Soysilk is made from... wait for it... leftover tofu! No, really, it is a by-product of the tofu manufacturing process! She also had her Daria Purse WIP, made from Noro Daria, a nylon cord yarn, that she got at Woolstock Yarn Shop, and another WIP, the Bistro Shirt from Oat Couture that she picked up at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company on her recent trip to Long Beach.

Eileen worked briefly on her intarsia baby blanket, pictured here last week, then whipped out the lace Branching Out scarf from Knitty made from the Elsebeth Lavold yarn she showed us last week. Both looked beautiful, and are coming along nicely. She was talking about her upcoming trip to Buffalo for the holidays, which made Velma pout because that means she won't be around for a few weeks worth of Purl 'n Hurl. Sad Velma.

Velma is about 8 inches into Temptation, a ballet-neck ribbed pullover from Knitty, knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran in an eggplant shade. Scrumptious in the hand, it should feel outrageous on. For show-and-tell, she brought the new Ram Wools catalog, and is pictured here in the old FO she was sporting last night: legwarmers in Noro Kureyon. She also confessed her bobble mishap: seems she misread the pattern for her Noni Bobbles Bag, and has to re-knit 2/3 of the bobbles because of her dorkitude. Doh!

There was much merrymaking and margarita consumption, and we had a blast. Hope to see more of you there next week: same bat time, same bat channel. Have a great weekend; since there was no interest in heading to Booneville for the California Wool and Fiber Festival, see you at the Northcountry Fair!

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