Friday, November 17, 2006


Nov. 16 Recap

H-U-G-E. That's the word for the mid-November Purl 'n Hurl gathering. Huge! Natalie was there, showing off her Fat Albert Hat and working on a felted bowl. Eileen worked on the black lace scarf in alpaca that she's making for her mom for Christmas (shhh!). Bea, her sweater from last week almost done, worked on i-cord for the ties and brought a Dutch magazine that her grandmother sent her; the models in it even have (gasp!) wrinkles! Jenny continued work on her Noro sweater, and Heather is still plugging away on her 3-year scarf. Jay dropped by for a visit, but still didn't have his knitting with him because he needs to wash the mildew out of it. Velma worked on a felted cloche. And Kat was there, announcing the impending her and Steve's impending return to Humboldt.

(click to view individual photos on flickr)

1. Bea, 2. Crazy Nat, 3. Jay, 4. Stripes!, 5. Velma Emotes Whilst Bea Knits On, 6. Jenny, 7. Eileen, 8. Bright Lights, Big Velma, 9. Heather, 10. Jenny & Heather, 11. Natalie as Dumb Donald, 12. What Purl 'n Hurl is Really About

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