Friday, October 27, 2006


Oct. 26 Recap

What a turnout we had last night! There were 7 of us in attendance last night, and the drinks flowed freely. Here's a shot of Bea helping her friend Caroline, a new PnH'er.

Not sure what Caroline was working on (it's possible that I'd had a few cocktails before I got around to that end of the table), but Bea had both a completed version in navy of the Odessa Beaded Hat by Grumperina on Magknits from last week, and a newly cast on version in Rowan Tapestry. Both are beautiful, with a lovely spiral decrease pattern on the crowns.

Lots of crocheting was going on, too. Judy, another new participant invited by super-server Verena, was working on the beautiful crochet Flower Poncho pattern by Nancy Brown for the Crochet Guild of America shown here. Velma was flabergasted that anyone could work such a large piece using sock yarn without going insane clown posse on everyone.

Judy came with other talents, too. She and Velma had a long discussion about preparing, dyeing, and spinning silk. Judy promised to bring Velma some of her fiber books from her library next week, making Velma positively vibrate with excitement at the prospect.

When Velma let her talk to other people, Judy headed over to Melissa's side of the table, where more fast-and-furious crocheting action was going on. Melissa is using Knit Picks yarn (looks like Velma's notetaking was spotty this week, as there's no record of which yarn), to crochet a scarf. That's the two of them with their heads together over the pattern book, 101 Crochet Stitches for Afghans. That's an afghan-as-in-blanket; she's not actually crocheting a dude from Afghanistan or anything.

Who else was there? Eileen, working on her Noro Turtleneck, which is looking fuzzy and beautiful. And Velma, obviously, working on yet another hat, this one a watchcap in Manos del Uruguay. There's been enough pictures of them for awhile, so if you want to see them, you'll have to check out the Purl 'n Hurl photoset.

Last but certainly not least, Jay finally graced us with his presence! Our token dude-knitter, although we welcome more, he didn't have any actual knitting with him but, as always, he entertained. That margarita in his hand may have something to do with his entertainment value. Welcome back, Jay!

Hope everyone has a wonderful pre-Halloween weekend, and we'd love to see you at next week's Purl 'n Hurl, which will be Thursday, November 2, 6:30pm at Plaza Grill in Arcata. Happy Knitting!

Looks like everyone had a good time! Sorry i missed it! I went to dinner with my hubby. It seems that we haven't manage to see each other much latey. See you next week!
hi cheri! we missed you, but eileen explained your absence, and i for one approve of a nice hubby-bubby dinner. see you thursday, v
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