Friday, October 06, 2006


Oct. 5 Recap

Last night was a quickie, because with only one exception, everyone in attendance had somewhere to be at 7:30. So most of us decided to forego dinner and stuck solely to cocktails, which suits us just fine, thankyouverymuch. Eileen was kind enough to grace us with her presence, despite the fact that it was her 4th wedding anniversary. Since she and hubby-bubby Audi were headed to La Trattoria for dinner, the restaurant owned by our friends Patricia and Jim, we got the special treat of Audi in our midst. This is him graciously modeling wifey's Branching Out scarf, completely complete except for blocking. Eileen is considering blocking it using the Fiber Fantasy Blocking Wire Kit suggested by Velma (scroll down). Knit Picks also offers their own Lace Blocking Wires, and for the DIYers out there, they offer this tutorial on using them; you might be able to fashion your own using this as a guide. In the meantime, I hear Audi is available to model your lacework. (P.S. Happy Anniversary, you two).

Meanwhile, we had a new addition to the group. Let me introduce: Bea, who is a fish biologist for Cal Fish & Wildlife in Fortuna. She's working on a baby beanie from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. Joelle is the owner of Velma's favorite online yarn store, Purl, which recently added Purl Patchwork, a quilting/sewing collection to their yarn offerings. They also have an online journal, The Purl Bee, a place where both knitters and sewers alike can find inspiration. Check out their tutorials (e.g. Elizabeth Zimmerman's I-cord and Sawtooth Star Quilting) and patterns (e.g. Knit Bamboo Nightdress and Carolina Quilt). A little something for the absent Cheri, who was missed. A big welcome to Bea, who suggested a PnH field trip to the Knit Night at Handmade Memories tomorrow; Eileen and Velma will be joining her there, you should too!

Speaking of Velma, here she is working on yet another new project (she's such an addict), this one a scarf made of this handspun yarn purchased from Jenny Neutron Star. She's sporting a hat she made from Midnight and Lulu handspun last year. She also brought along an almost-FO, the watchcap she started last week for her friend Jeff, in Manos del Uruguay. Velma is all excited to go to the Natural Fiber Fair in Redway this weekend; anyone want to go? There will be workshops (natural dyeing, needle felting, drafting/knitting from silk cocoons, etc.), demonstrations (all-day spinning demos, netmaking, fiber-blending, etc.), and fiber vendors. Admission is only 5 bones, so no excuses not to go. Runs Saturday and Sunday from 10-5.

Tamara and Sacha were there last night too, but neither brought a project to work on (shame on you!); it was still good to see them.

As always, there are more pictures to be seen here, and we all hope to see you at next week's gathering. Happy Knitting!

It was great to meet everyone last night! I sent you an email with my phone # for tonight.
likewise, bea! i'll call you about tonight. cheers!
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