Friday, October 13, 2006


Oct. 12 Recap

HIYA, peeps! Check out the fiber madness last night at Plaza Grill! You can see by the photo evidence that at the very least, Cheri had a great time! We always knew she had balls, but what we didn't know is that they are made of yarn. Guess this is her way of keeping wayward materials from rolling under the table. This is definitely my favorite shot of the night!

Cheri continued to work on her Rollneck Raglan in Noro Silk Garden, from the Debbie Bliss Noro Collection book. She's a little worried that the body is too short, and her frustration (+ a coupla cosmos) sent her to work on another hat.

Did you notice her cool knitting-themed T-shirt? Me too! The photo is fuzzy, so I can't read it, and can't remember what it says (I may have had a coupla cosmos, too), but I'll call her and ask and try to post a link to purchase one. While trying to find one online, I came across these other knitting tees that you might like.

Bea shows off her FO Dready Hat and Tamara works on her Poodle Scarf. Conversation was centered in large part around wedding plans last night, as both Bea and Tam are engaged (although, not to each other). Tamara and Michael are to wed Oct. 2007, but Bea and Eli have yet to set a date (heavy negotiations are unerway). Bea is also working on an Odessa Beaded Hat by Grumperina,via MagKnits.

After much photographer needling, Eileen smiles while she works on her Turtleneck in Noro Transitions which she is convinced is wide enough to cover two PnH'ers. Heather rolls up her 3-Year Scarf as she prepares to head home.

Velma completely forgot to get any photos of her, her knitting, or her show-and-tell items. Dork! She finished the scarf she worked on last week, and was working on a new project: a Monster Hat from Insubordiknit. She brought along the new Vogue Knitting and her newest handspun, Bug Balls, a Halloween-themed artyarn (her first) made from the raw materials sent to her by YarnWench as part of the Buggin' Out fiber swap organized by YarnPunk. Velma wrote about the process here and here if you are so bored you don't know what to do with yourself.

Happy Friday the 13th! 'Til next week, Happy Knitting!

A fun night : ) My jaw almost dropped when I saw Cherie rrrriiipping all that lovely silk garden progress out. But if it ends up a better sweater it'll be well worth it - but she's evidently got the balls to rip out large amounts to fix mistakes!
yeah, frogging takes balls, all right. glad you had fun. me too!
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