Friday, September 22, 2006


Sep. 21 Recap

Last night saw 4 Purl 'n Hurlers swillin' and knittin', including a new face: that's Tara picking up a dropped row there on her novelty yarn scarf (note the intense concentration, indicated by the emergent tongue used by both drunken crafters and 5-year olds). Welcome, Tara, and congrats on your recent move to McKinleyville!

Tamara came by again this week but was so in need of a cocktail that she ran out of the house without her knitting! She made a great photographer, though; thanks for taking some great pix, T!

Eillen worked some more magic on her lace scarf, saying she is really addicted to the pattern. I see more lacework in her future. But please think good thoughts for her kitty, Boots, who is at the cat hospital with an undiagnosed illness; we're all pulling for you, Boots!

Here's Velma, working on her Hallowig. Boy, that's some big hair, V!

No Cheri this week; her dad is ailing, and she went out to Redding to be with her family. Let's send Cheri and her pop our good wishes, too. Get better, Dad.

Last night was shorter than usual, as Velma was all hot-and-bothered to get home in time for the season premier of Grey's Anatomy. If you haven't already heard about it, there's a GA knitalong if you are interested. 'Til next week, happy knitting!

This is an awesome blog! Great links. Glad I found it.
thanks for the compliment, kare! you are the first commenter we've had - many thanks. cheers, velma
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