Saturday, November 17, 2007


Nov. 14 Recap

OK, let's get this out right at the start: I'm a big dork. I suppose most of you already knew that, but I'm all for full disclosure, so, just in case... I forgot to take any pictures this week, so there's no Kodak moments in this recap. My bad.

We did have a good little group, though, including 2 brand-spankin' new PnHers, Erica & Nicole. Both are grad students in math (modeling? I think?) at HSU, so we know they're brainiacs. ;) Erica is a knitter, and Nicole is a hooker (what I mean to say is, she likes to crochet). She, Nicole, was working on a beanie, and Erica was making socks for her boyfriend, who still resides in Idaho from whence she came, using Plymouth Sockotta.

Lots of socks this week; Eileen was about 2/3 of the way through a Christmas stocking for daughter Sophie to match the already completed one she made for her husband, Audi. Both are made from kits. She also brought completed socks for herself in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in the Rockin' Sock Club-exclusive 'Flower Power' colorway, made using a pattern from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks book. Velma also had socks with her, for her fiancee (what, you didn't hear? Velma's engaged!) in Noro Kureyon #147, from the 2007 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar. One down, and only about 1/3 to go. You can see a photo of the finished sock being modeled by said sweetie HERE.

Kat was there, and she's still plugging away on her lovely, lacy pink scarf. Bea had her Miller sweater from Rowan Yorkshire Fable in a lovely pistachio green shade of Rowanspun DK.

Good times were had by all, despite the small turnout and the lack of photos. And plans were made for Nov. 21, which coincidentally is also Eileen's BIRTHDAY!! Please come out the day before Thanksgiving and wish her a happy natal day (there might even be cake) and help plan the holiday yarn exchange. Because Mazzotti's is expecting a larger than normal crowd that night, we need to give them a head-count on Tuesday, so please RSVP to Velma this week. (you can email velma a t colorbombcreations d o t com -- you know the drill on taking out spaces and subbing the appropriate symbols. Damn the bots!) See you there!

aw, my sweetie is from idaho too! we did the long distance thing for *years* I'll have to talk to erica next time we're both there!
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