Monday, November 17, 2008


Whew! It's Been Awhile!!

OK, so I'm not the most regular poster. But last night in my inbox I found something that motivated me to get back on board with Purl 'n Hurl updates: a message from the admin announcing the new and (much) improved Stitch 'n Bitch website! (They even have a forum now, too.)

Now, entries for regional Stitch 'n Bitch chapters, like Purl 'n Hurl, can update their own listings. When I learned this, I immediately toddled off to fix the errors in ours that had been bugging me for the last year, plus change our meeting day. So we now have a brand-spankin'-new, updated, and most importantly accurate entry for Purl 'n Hurl in the master SnB database! Two, actually, because I listed us under both Arcata and Humboldt (although both listings are identical).

While editing our listings, I took the opportunity to delete the link to our very defunct Yahoo! group of the same name. When I get the once-every-four-months-or-so request to join that group of one (me), I just point them to this blog and our Ravelry group anyway, so saw no reason to keep it.

So, with our fresh, new online presence, and our NEW meeting day of THURSDAYS, I thought it the perfect time to re-establish regular blog updates. I edited the side-bar here to more accurately reflect our details, including adding a couple more member blogs and local yarn shopping opportunities, too. My goal is to return to regular weekly updates, plus member profiles.

Hopefully, these changes will excite more of our 'lurkers' to come out and join us for a fiber-filled and conversation-rich evening soon! Stay tuned for more...

'Til then, here are 2 pics from a recent gathering (that's Bea on the right and Violet on the left.

Bea Violet

See you Thursday!

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