Monday, November 12, 2007


It's Been a Year, But We're Still Here!

So I'm not the timliest of bloggers, I get that. But despite my lack of posts, we're still here and we're still Purling and we're still Hurling. So, an update:

-- We've changed our meeting day to WEDNESDAYs
-- We've changed our meeting venue to MAZZOTTI's
-- We haven't changed our raison d' etre: get yer drink on!

Lots of fun stuff planned for the coming weeks, including a birthday celebration for co-founder Eileen Weppner on Nov. 21 and a holiday yarn swap, our 2nd annual, on a date yet to be determined. So come out and join us for craft, conversation, and cocktails!

PS - If you are on Ravelry (and if you're not, you really should be) we have a group there, Purl 'n Hurl Humboldt. Join in the fun there too!

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