Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Nov. 7 Recap

Meant to do this last weekend, but, well, the "better late than never" saw should apply. We had 9 souls at PnH at the new venue, Mazzotti's Italian Restaurant in Arcata. Mazzotti's worked out waaaay better than Plaza Grill ever did, so we are thrilled to have found a new 'home'. More light, less noise, a lovely jazz band for ambience, TABLE SERVICE, and -- get this -- no arguements with bartenders! Squee!! So we're making Mazzotti's the new Official Purl 'n Hurl venue. That's us there in the pic.

April (apurl for those on Ravelry) was once again working on her Simple Knitted Bodice. Eileen (eileenover on Ravelry) had her 2nd Christmas stocking with her, this one for hubby Audi. Sadly, Velma (who goes by velmalikevelvet on Ravelry and was working on the Noro Socks she's making for fiancee Cole) was delinquent in her duties, and has NO IDEA what anyone else was working on.

But she can report that there was another new Purl 'n Hurler present, Jen (aka razz116 on Ravelry), who was kind enough to bring a bag of yarn and fabric scraps for Velma's COLORBOMB Creations line of (S)craptastic Handspun yarn. That's Jen in the second photo. (That may or may not be a baby hat WIP; it's coming back to me slowly). And Velma had a skein of (S)craptastic with her for show-and-tell, called 'Pink Poodle'.

Who else was there? Jodie, and Pauly (pauly81 for Ravelry), and Kathy (sans knitting), and Grace, and of course Bea (beapea7 on Ravelry).

As always, more photos on Flickr. Check 'em out, and see you on the 14th!

(PS - Ravelry links won't work for non-Ravelers until Ravelry is out of Beta. Sorry.)

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