Thursday, October 26, 2006


Oct. 19 Recap

Better late than never is today's motto. The computer's been in the shop, so couldn't post about the 19th 'til today. Since it's just about time for another update, I'll make this a quickie (everyone loves a quickie).

We had a good turnout, with regulars Tamara, Cheri, Eileen, Bea, and Velma, plus new attendee Sherie and a drop-in visit from Natalie. Mostly folks were plugging away on previously-blogged about WIPs, with lots of progress by all.

Here's Eileen giving Velma stinkeye for interrupting her concentration while re-reading her pattern (left). Velma's excuse is that she can't help herself; Eileen is so sexy in those specs!

And Sherie was quite clever (right, on right); although you can't see it in this photo of her and Bea (photography isn't Velma's strongest suit), she is actually knitting back-and-forth on DPNs because she didn't have any straights in the right size handy. Way to improvise!

That's it for now. There are a couple more gratuitous Knitting in Public shots on Flickr HERE. If you read this in time, hope to see you tonight at Plaza Grill for more.

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