Thursday, November 16, 2006


Nov. 9 Recap

Sorry for the late (really late) recap, folks. Been a busy week. But we sure did have a good time last week, crappy bartenders notwithstanding.

We had a big group, and took up 5 tables pushed together. We even had visitors! Joel & Jo stopped by on their way to a hottub at Cafe Mokka; that's Joel and Velma in the photo. Too bad he doesn't knit, as we're lookin' for more dudes (who isn't, huh?). But where did Jo go?

Andrea's back for the first time this year. Usually a crocheter, she picked up the sticks again, and was delighted to learn that she remembered how to knit! She's working on a scarf, and we hope to see her back again soon. She said she might even be able to drag along her sister Leah, who also knits.

And speaking of Velma, she was showing off a skein of her new handspun, 'Happy Hour,' as well as the felt bowls she made last week. She was working on yet another hat, and when asked if that was water she was drinking, replied: "Hell no! That's a G&T!" (That might be the edited version of her reply; she was drinking, after all.)

Caroline was there, and she brought along her friend Carin, too. Carin's quiet ways must have had an effect on Bea, seen here looking like she's meditating on Carin's Manos del Uruguay hat WIP. Caroline (out of frame) was busy concentrating on binding off the scarf she worked on last week, and brought the only 'class' to the evening: she had the book Classy Knitting by Fern Geller Cone with her for show and tell. Bea brought her second completed Odessa Hat (which she modeled), and continued to work on this sweater.

Jenny, seen here, is working on a sweater, too. Looks like she's just started. Tamara is working on another scarf, and brought her friend Mirjam, another crocheter. Cheri, Eileen, and Melissa were there too, but Velma never made it down to that end of the table to see what they were up to. (She heard later that it was Fiber Trends Felted Clogs, a black angora cabled scarf, and a crocheted scarf, respectively). They did manage, however, to weigh in on the Lying Swatch Syndrome discussion, and the Who's-the-manliest-of-all (based on how many porn videos you own) conversation.

It seems that everyone had a grand old time. There are lots more pictures in our flickr set. So even though it's a last minute invite, we hope to see everyone there again tonight.

Happy Knitting! And crocheting!

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