Friday, November 21, 2008


Nov. 20 Recap

Back to our regularly scheduled updates! Last night was a fun group of five: regular attendees Bea, Elena, and Velma, plus a surprise visit from Jennifer who can't make it often due to her work schedule, and new member Kristy. New blood meant lots of good conversation and good times, as evidenced by these photos.

Elena played show-and-tell with her almost-complete Autumn Wrap-Up, which she got to the blocking stage last night by finishing the last few sleeve stitches. She's using the Indigo Playmate pattern from Custom Knits and yarn from Beaverslide Dry Goods to make the shawl-collar cardi. It is gonna be one warm sweater when she's done, and I for one can't wait to see it modeled. These pictures show her working on it last night, and if you are a Ravelry member, you can read more about it on her projects page.

Jennifer, who was showing off something of her own: her blinged-out new cell phone, complete with rhinestone-encrusted cover. The easily-impressed Velma oohed and ahhed appropriately, as did everyone else.

She worked on 2 different projects over the course of the evening; she started out with a fair isle kid cap with icy flames for her nephew, but when she hit a snag in her pattern transcription, switched to the Trinity Stitch Hat in a scrumptious handpainted bulky merino yarn (that's what she's working on in this photo). If you are on, check out her projects page for all the details.

Bea decided to leave the sweater she's working on for NaKniSweMo home (too complicated for knitting-under-the-influence, she said), and instead brought her Bobbled Tam. From the new Holiday 2008 issue of Vogue Knitting, this texture-ific stitch pattern looks like a fun challenge to knit. Velma thinks it looks like it's covered in wee nipples, but she was the only one.

Here's a little known Bea fun-fact: her favorite curse word is 'poo dar'. Who knew?

For more about Bea and her projects, Ravelers can check out Bea's project page.

Velma also left her NaKniSweMo sweater at home, with the excuse that it is too bulky to drag along, but in actuality avoiding picking up stitches at the bottom of the pocket of the Rogue Hoodie she chose to make. Instead, she brought her Stoner Socks, her first pair of Jaywalkers that she loves so much she almost peed herself a little talking about them. She is very enamoured with the screamingly loud pink and yellow zig-zag stripes they exhibit. Details available for Ravelers on her projects page.

Our newest member, Kristy, got short-shrift on the photo front, but had lots to share. She was working on a knit toy for her daughter, although she hadn't decided yet if it will be a bear or a bunny. (Velma wants some weird bear-bunny creature, but that idea didn't get much play.) Although there aren't a lot of details yet, be sure to stay tuned to hear more about Kristy's new venture, Hands on CRAFT, her crafting space in the Hilliard Building in Arcata. Her plan is to offer workshops, materials for sale, and a venue for Humboldt crafters to hang out and practice 'manual arts' like knitting, crochet, spinning, dyeing, and letter-press. Should be lots of fun when it opens, and you can say you heard about it here first. Welcome to the group, Kristy! Hope to see more of you and your crafty-goodness.

One conversation last night was about the field trip to Eureka planned by Bea, V, and Elena. On the itinerary: both of Eureka's newest yarn stores, Yarn & the Northcoast Knittery. Maybe there'll even be reviews here in the upcoming days...

In the meantime, it's that time of year again: CHRISTMAYULESTIVUSOLSTIKWANZUKKAH Yarn Gift Exchange. We have 3 options for the Exchange this year: Dec. 4, 11, or 18. If you have a preference on which date we choose, vote on Ravelry in the Purl 'n Hurl group, or leave a comment here. Then check back for an announcement and more information.

And, as always, there are more photos (viewable by all) in our Purl 'n Hurl photoset on Flickr. Go check 'em out. Hope to see you at our next gathering (which may or may not be next week, on Thanksgiving. Will post here soon about whether or not we'll be meeting.)


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