Friday, November 03, 2006


Nov. 2 Recap

We were eight last night, veterans all. And there must have been some drinkin' goin' on, because somehow, most of the pictures are, well, slurred around the edges, know what I mean? Or are the subjects themselves fuzzy? Guess you'll have to join us next time to find out for yourself.

Lots of finished objects and almost-FOs at show-and-tell last night. Natalie had her felted earflap hat, ready for adornment and assembly (photo here). Cheri is making a dress from The Yarn Girls' Guide to Kids Knits (the one on the cover), in S. Charles Victoria and Crystal Palace Fizz for her friends' daughter, and it's ready to be seamed (photo here). Velma brought along her completed Hallowig, pattern from Knitty, and Super-Waiter Mike modeled it for us (photo here). Caroline had 2 of her own baby sweaters with her, one made by each of her grandmothers (photo here). And Jenny, who we hadn't seen since last season, brought her almost-finished Stitch 'n Bitch bikini, ooh-la-la! Bea finished another beaded hat, but forgot to bring it; we're hoping for next week. And Caroline bound off the scarf she was making for her mom.

Only got one actual shot of knitting in public; that's Natalie in the photo, btw. She's working on a lace "square" (no, really, that's what she said; "Not a shawl, a square. I'll figure out what it is later."). It's based on Kay MacLaury's Cables & Lace Afghan Project.

Other works-in-progress included Eileen's Noro sweater and her lace scarf (photo here), Sherie's freeform shawl in Manos del Uruguay, Bea's Greek Pullover from the Fall 2005 issue of Interweave Knits in Rowan Kid Classic, Jenny's Knit.1 Spring/Summer '05 cover sweater, and Velma's felted bowls from OneSkein, in Lamb's Pride Bulky.

Next week both the Stitch 'n Bitch (Tue.) and Midnight Free-for-all (Fri.) happen at our LYS, Handmade Memories. Plus, all month long if you bring in a friend who has never visited before you'll receive 10% off your purchase. What a deal! So, go find a friend, head up and buy yourself some yarn, and come join us next Thursday at Plaza Grill. We'd love to see what you're working on. Happy Knitting!

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