Friday, September 08, 2006


Sep. 7 Recap

Hi, Peeps! You were missed last night. But Eileen and I managed to have ourselves a grand ol' time despite our just-us-ness. (Martinis and Margaritas'll do that to a girl).

A little bit about WIPs (Works In Progress): Eileen was busy working on a UFO, or unfinished object, the blanket you see here. It is an intarsia piece worked in cotton stockinette and seed stitches. It was slated to be Sophie's baby blanket; please note that Sophie will be 3 on November 23rd (hee, hee), so Eileen must suffer from the same procrastination prob as the rest of us mere mortals. She mentioned that she really abhors working intarsia in cotton, btw.

Velma was working on bobbles for her felted Noni bag for the Noni KAL. Four bobbles in each color x 16 shades of Cascade 220 = 64 bobbles, whew! Thems a lotta bobbles!

What else? Show-and-Tell was fun. Eileen brought yarn and patterns for her next couple of projects; she bought laceweight Misti Alpaca in a yummy chocolate to make the Pillared Archways Lace Scarf from ImagiKnit in S.F. on her trip there last week. Their business card has an added bonus: a needle inventory chart on the back. How clever! She also had Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in a lovely sage color from One Fine Yarn that she bought online to make the Knitty Branching Out Scarf. Her package had unexpected goodies in it, too: candy! What girl can't use a little extra sugar in her life, huh?

Velma brought along her prize-winning Humbert Humbert Cherry Pie Unmentionables project, created for the Knit the Classics Lolita knitalong. Consisting of a bra made from two pig potholders and a slice of cherry pie thong, Velma won 10 skeins of Gedifra Aragona yarn! It's a nice cotton blend that would make a great tank.

Finally, Tamara stopped by on her way to Cafe Tomo for Girls Sushi Night with Anna et al. Don't forget to offer your congrats to her and Michael, who celebrated their engagement last month; kudos, T&M, can't wait for the wedding party!

That's all for this week. Hope to see you next week!

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