Friday, August 18, 2006


Aug. 18 PnH Recap

We had another entertaining Purl 'n Hurl last night (Velma's rant notwithstanding). Eileen was there, and she finished knitting Sophie's dress (although she's still got the assembly to do), so she had a new project with her. She's almost ready to begin work on the Noro T-neck in Transitions, too. Velma continued working on her Central Park Hoodie for the KAL; it's almost 80% complete, with just 1/2 a sleeve, a hood, and a button-band left to knit before assembly begins. We had two new PnH'ers, too: Tosh, of Bitch Blog, and Jennifer, whose mom Janice is the proprietress of Handmade Memories in McKinleyville, which recently changed to an all-yarn, all-the-time format. Tosh was working a pair of socks on 2 circs, which Velma really wants to learn how to do. (Here's a tutorial). And Jennifer was working on a red-hued afghan from Barbara Walker's Learn-to-Knit Afghan book. Velma also brought a skein of her handspun yarn, Rootbeer, for show-and-tell. Sorry, Tosh, it's spoken for by the MIA Rebecca.

Not everyone could make it last night, though. Cheri was busy working with Kathy at the Humboldt County Fair, where she took several ribbons for her knitting. She promised a photo of her blue-ribbon Noro bag very soon. Nat, who was expected with some non-knitters in tow before they headed to Tomo for girlz-night out sushi, couldn't make it, but promised that there is a cabled sweater in her future. Jay was another no-show; we're hoping he's not still under the weather, and look forward to him and our other absent Purl 'n Hurlers making it soon.

The order of the evening at Plaza Grill was Cadillac Margaritas, which were pouring freely at our table, the ingestion of which may just explain why at least one of us (ok, Velma) just loved the painting shown here, displayed as part of the Arts! Arcata exhibit this month. All present are hoping that one of the front rooms is available next week though, as the Rotary Club had the run of the room fronting 8th Street, and a group of HSU Psychology Dept. profs had taken over the sunken middle section, leaving us PnH'ers to a table in the loud dining room. Here's to Velma remembering to make a reservation next week!!

Don't forget that it isn't too late to cast your vote for your preferred PnH night; the poll is located HERE at Velma's World. And if you have a website you'd like listed here, let Velma know.

Keep knittin' and bitchin' and we'll see you next week, Thursday, Aug. 24th @ 6:30pm @ Plaza Grill.

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